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SPOTTED: ArtEZ master students’ projects selected for Archiprix 2021

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Two ArtEZ master students are doing very well with their graduation works: they have been selected for Archiprix 2021. This means that the projects by Ying-Ting Shen (Master Interior Architecture) and Antoine Bowers (Master Architecture) are among the 30 best graduation works in the fields of architecture, town planning and landscape architecture.

Ying-Ting Shen, master Interieurarchitectuur (Corpo-real)
Ying-Ting Shen, master Interieurarchitectuur (Corpo-real)

Build with memory: application of traditional construction method in post-disaster shelter

Ying-Ting Shen followed the Master of Interior Architecture (Corpo-real) at ArtEZ and graduated with BUILD WITH MEMORY: application of traditional construction method in post-disaster shelter. The project is about the reuse of Taiwanese indigenous sustainable construction methodology for rebuilding homes and about emotional feelings after a disaster: Ying-Ting designed a shelter for use in a disaster area, stemming from her personal experience with an earthquake in her hometown in Taiwan. She was supervised by tutors Eric de Leeuw and Lucia Laptakova.

Fuente: a place for stillness on Aruba

Antoine Bowers took the Master of Architecture at ArtEZ and graduated with FUENTE: a place for stillness on Aruba. Antoine set to work with the remains of an old gold forge near Balashi on Aruba: he gave the building a new meaning, replacing polluting processes with healing and purifying ones (in the form of rain) and connecting the old forge to its surroundings. Antoine was supervised by tutors Gianni Cito, Anouk Vogel, Ralph Brodruck and Annemarieken Hilberink.

Book with 30 best plans

The works of Ying-Ting and Antoine have been included in the book that Archiprix has been publishing annually since 1993: it contains all 30 graduation plans selected by the courses as their best, as well as the jury report and an overview of all former winners. The 2021 edition was designed by graphic designer Wibke Bramesfeld. Together the books form a unique series that not only provides insight into the state of the art of Dutch design education but also of graphic design (source: www.archiprix.nl).

About Archiprix

With the presentation and assessment of the best graduation work in the fields of architecture, town planning and landscape architecture, Archiprix introduces a new generation of the most talented spatial designers on a national and global level and presents their inspiring graduation projects to a wide-ranging audience (source: www.archiprix.nl).