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Every cloud has a silver lining: online education

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At ArtEZ, we believe in taking care of each other and making the best of the situation. The impact of the coronavirus crisis has been significant: at our sites in Arnhem, Zwolle and Enschede and throughout the cultural sector. Of course we are desperately disappointed about the limitations this situation has imposed on us. But at the same time, we are proud to see how members of staff and students are creatively adapting to an uncertain situation.

ArtEZ finals online
ArtEZ finals online

Ideally, we would prefer to let our classes continue for as long as possible and to teach them physically as far as possible. Because as a dancer, musician, designer or artist, you naturally prefer to work in the studio or workshop – and real contact is important for your development and your work. But everyone's health comes first: we want to ensure a safe and pleasant learning and working environment for all our students, lecturers and staff – taking government measures into account, of course.

Hybrid education

In practice, this means that education at ArtEZ is hybrid: what can safely be done physically will remain physical – what works well online, we will do online – and if we are faced with challenges in the process, we will look for creative solutions together. We are preparing ourselves for all possible scenarios so that we can act quickly and offer our programmes in such a way that they remain challenging and inspiring. We are proud to see how members of staff and students are creatively adapting to an uncertain situation; how they are finding opportunities in unexpected places and seizing them with both hands. Together we are focused on what we can learn from these unpredictable times, on what the coronavirus will bring us for the future. We are not resigning ourselves to the situation, but looking beyond it – because there is real potential in doing certain things online!

Inventive solutions

A few examples: We are organising great international collaborative projects. Lecturers are providing interesting, informative and interactive online courses and projects. We are laying on digital 'study trips'. You can follow online webinars. And the ArtEZ finals students, those who are graduating this year, are presenting their work through online exhibitions, fashion shows, 3D environments and much more.