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Corona: Frequently asked questions for students

The latest news about the Dutch measures against the coronavirus can be found on Coronavirus COVID-19 | Government.nl. Do you have any questions about corona regarding to your studies? Of course, you can address all your questions to your course. On this page, we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions to all of you.

[updated 29 November 2021]

Corona measures

  • Friday 26 November, outgoing Prime Minister Rutte and outgoing Minister de Jonge announced a substantial and far-reaching package of measures.

    For now, higher education has not been included in the package of measures. That means nothing changes for us: we can continue to provide our education live. A prerequisite is that we continue to follow the basic rules in our buildings in order to do this as safely as possible: 

    • we wear face masks in the circulation areas, canteens and multimedia libraries;  
    • we do regular self-tests (preferably twice a week; 
    • we keep our distance and respect the walking routes as much as possible;  
    • we were already working from home as much as possible and will continue to do so in the coming period.  

    In short: we still look out for each other as much as we can.

    It is still important that we follow these basic rules together. In that way, we do our part to keep our education safe so that we can continue to provide it live. Our buildings are open for educational activities only, which also means that we have had to make the decision that our canteens will close every day at 5 p.m. from Tuesday. 

    We can only continue to do so if we take good care of each other. If you have any complaints, stay at home and get tested by the GGD. If your housemate is infected, you stay at home too. If any of us is infected, we inform each other and the crisis manager. This is the only way we can keep our finger on the pulse and take additional measures where necessary.


  • In this coming academic year it is possible to study abroad. You need to make proper arrangements for this with the head of your course, the Student Affairs department and the partner institute or the host company. Are you going to do an internship with a group? Please contact the Facility Management department (faz@artez.nl).

  • All ArtEZ buildings have mechanical and / or natural ventilation. The ventilation complies with the rules in the Building Decree and the applicable national guidelines set by the RIVM. Indoor classrooms that do not comply with the RIVM guidelines are closed and not in use.  

  • Not feel good about yourself? Are you afraid of getting infected? Are you running into financial trouble? Or do you think you will suffer a study delay? At ArtEZ we have various people who can help you. You can talk to your study career advisor or mentor.
    The student counsellors are also pleased to help you. You can contact the student counsellors via this link
    Do you wish to talk to someone outside ArtEZ? In Zwolle and Arnhem you also have the possibility to contact RE:Link (only in Dutch) or the ASP.

Financial matters

  • Are you running into financial trouble and can you no longer afford to pay your tuition fees? Then ArtEZ has options to help you. Contact the student counsellor for more information.

    Go to DUO/Measures coronavirus for more information about the measures the Dutch government takes because of the coronavirus.

    Read more about the options for a supplementary grant or a tuition credit at DUO/Student finance - DUO.

Testing, self-isolation and vaccination

  • If you were vaccinated outside the Netherlands and you do not have proof of vaccination, please go to the website of the Dutch government for more information: Getting proof of vaccination after being vaccinated outside the Netherlands | Coronavirus COVID-19 | Government.nl

  • The Dutch government advices students and employees of MBO and HBO to test themselves for Covid twice a week. If you'd like to test yourself before you come to ArtEZ, you can use free self-tests. It is possible to order two self-tests a week via this website by the Dutch government. Log in with your ArtEZ account.

  • If we receive reports of individual infections we take the necessary measures in consultation with the GGD. Sometimes little additional action is needed and sometimes a whole class or a whole year has to self-isolate preventively. These are unpleasant measures, but they are necessary. We always do source and contact tracing. This is good to know. So if you hear of an infection but have not heard about it through the formal channels, then you have not been singled out in the investigation and no additional measures apply to you. If you have any questions about this, you can always ask your manager.

  • And are you registered in a Dutch municipality? Then you will have a BSN number . You need this BSN number to arrange your vaccination via Get vaccinated without an appointment | Rijksoverheid.nl.

  • We recommend that you bring a certificate of vaccination from your home country when you come to the Netherlands.

  • Do you have questions about what to do when you or a roommate are (probably) infected with the coronavirus? We have put everything together clearly on this flowchart.


  • Before you decide to travel, it is important that you are aware of the latest measures and advice from the government. For up-to-date travel advice and self-isolation rules, please check nederlandwereldwijd.nl and Travelling to the Netherlands from abroad | Rijksoverheid.nl

    Are you required to self-isolate? Take this into account in your travel and study plans. We emphasise that we assume that everyone takes responsibility for each other’s safety. The time it takes to self-isolate and the potential delay in studies as a result are your own responsibility. First consult with the head of your course if you have any questions. Do you need help of do you have any other questions? Please send an email to studentaffairs@artez.nl

    Should you decide to travel anyway, please check your insurance policies carefully, for example your health, travel and/or cancellation insurance.  Maybe you are not insured if you go to a code orange or code red country, or if you are not allowed to enter the Netherlands. 

  • The advice is to travel at quiet times as much as possible, and to avoid crowds on the road and at stations.

Studying at home

  • ArtEZ works with Office 365. Office 3675 offers various apps for sharing documents online, digital collaborations, online meetings, online education.  More information about Office 365, tutorials etc. can be found here:

     Office 365 help and tutorials

  • During a time when you spend a lot of time at home behind your computer, or on your smartphone, it is important to continue to pay close attention to your cybersecurity. Unfortunately, there have already been cases of criminals who abuse the situation. Therefore, an important warning: DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINKS IN PHISHING E-MAILS!

    Don't recognize the sender of an email? Then be careful. Never click on the links in phishing emails. When in doubt, you can forward the email to ict@artez.nl. They will look at it and give advice. 

ArtEZ and Corona

  • ArtEZ has formed a crisis team that is coordinated regularly. This team closely monitors this evolving situation, and also develops different scenarios to be prepared for the future.

  • We inform students and staff about major changes via this website and by email. So keep a close eye on your ArtEZ mail!

  • ArtEZ always follows the advice and guidelines of RIVM (The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment), the GGD (Municipal and Regional Health Services[NS1] ) and Foreign Affairs.