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'sweat sweat': having a look behind the scenes with Theatre Educator

Theater Educator ArtEZ
Ruben van den Aardweg

Ruben van den Aardweg, Theater Educator, is graduating with a rhythmic performance ‘sweat sweat’. 

'sweat sweat' is a performance about the night-life. I am personally fascinated by the temptations that emerge in a night club, but also by becoming submerged into a crowd or experiencing collective ecstasy. Sometimes I feel so isolated in a club that I can not connect with the dancing bodies, and at such a point I feel myself falling into a black hold. All my actors also experience that. This is what we pinpointed and began to theatricalize.

I like to first approach the research and not focus on the final product until much later. My credence is that my actors know more than I do. I am at the helm of the ship, but my actors can discover far more amazing ideas then if I were to invent an idea beforehand and let them perform it like theatre puppets. So I like creating unity through frames in which my actors can exploit and experiment.”

Ruben offers a look behind the scenes and speaks of his time at ArtEZ: