Student counsellors

The student counsellors are there for you to discuss various topics in confidence, be it your study progress, other study issues or questions of a personal nature.

The student counsellors  can advise you, coach you and provide you with practical information. Student counsellors are also intermediaries for students with a study impairment, such as a disability. You can request an appointment via the Digital Service Desk of the student counsellor's office (only accessible for ArtEZ students).


Nicoline Lodeweges: +31 (0)26 35 35 657

Yvonne Caesar, staff member: +31 (0)26 35 35 659


Olav Wissink: Wed +31 (0)53 48 28 124 Thu/Fri morning +31 (0)53 48 24 413


Frederike Bunjes: Mon en Thu +31 (0)38 42 70 567

Other questions? Pleas contact the Student Affairs department.