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ArtEZ at Dutch Design Week 2021: doing more with less

“We are at a changing point in history,” says Jeroen van den Eijnde, professor Tactical Design at ArtEZ. “We have to change our behavior: do more with less.” In the video below we see a call for less: less consumption, less production, and therefore less waste. And where less isn't possible? Do it better: more sustainable products with more value, so that consumers deal with products differently. That is what Dutch Design Week 2021 is all about.

Students from ArtEZ present their work during Dutch Design Week 2021.
Students from ArtEZ present their work during Dutch Design Week 2021.

In the video we also see students and researchers from ArtEZ present their work. Gifs from the early days of the internet, washable pads, a garment with pockets that serves as a safe space, and shoes inspired by non-human creatures. There’s an overarching theme of The Greater Number, and we’re looking at a renewed value between consumer and product.

“It’s very important that ArtEZ is here and that it’s being seen by a big audience,” continues Jeroen. “It’s important because art and art education are often seen as something marginal. As if they’re not as important for our society. But here you see that all the topics are related to important questions. It’s essential for an institute like ArtEZ to show that we’re not just artists, but also change makers for our society.”

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