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"Claudia Patacca was the deciding factor to study Classical Music"

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As a student Classical Music, you learn to master your instrument of course, but you also get guidance in developing the skills you need to become a professional musician. Committed lecturers play a crucial role. “I chose ArtEZ because the ambience is very cosy. But what truly was the deciding factor was the lecturer I was going to work with: Claudia Patacca. Because the lecturers are the ones who are going to teach you everything,” Sarah Konig says in the video below. Sarah did the bachelor's course Classical Music at the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Zwolle and in the video we hear her talk about her experiences.

"Claudia Patacca was the deciding factor to study Classical Music"

During the course, Sarah discovered her musical identity and her own sound. This led to a graduation performance in which she combined different styles of music with dance, acting, and visuals. Although the opportunities to work in the field upon graduation from Classical Music are broad, Sarah wants to be on stage. “When I was a student in high school in Nijmegen, there was a concert with former students. One of them sang soprano. And that’s when I thought: if a former student can do this, then I want to learn and be able to do this too,” she explains. After completing the bachelor’s degree in Classical Music, a student won’t only have a great artistic foundation, but they'll also know exactly what role they want to play in our society.

Develop the skills necessary to become a professional musician

During the bilingual course Classical Music, you get intensive career counselling and practical internships that teach you to convert your talent into a vision for the future. You decide what role you want to play as a musician in our society. In this course, you will not only learn to master your instrument but you also to develop the skills you need for an existence as a professional musician. Committed lecturers help you discover your musical identity and your own sound. After you have graduated, you can go into programming, teaching, or be on stage.

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