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No beginning, middle part, nor an ending

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Jente Poiesz is inspired by non-traditional theatre. This is why her final performance for the bachelor course Theatre in Education in Arnhem has no beginning, middle part, nor an ending. It’s inspired by the term rhizome which stems from the theories of French philosopher Gilles Deleuze. In the video below, Jente tells you all about it.

No beginning, middle part, nor an ending

“My final performance is a performance art installation that is inspired by the rhizome. A rhizome symbolizes the thought that everything is connected and interconnected to everything. So, there’s no beginning, middle part, nor an end. The performance has no ending so the audience can think about it themselves.” Jente is also interested in multidisciplinary work. We see that in her finals: there is a collaboration between different disciplines and the performance takes many different shapes, such as dance and the use of text. She hopes that the audience is inspired after seeing it.

Creating as a part of teaching and vice versa

During this course, Jente learned that creating can also be part of teaching and vice versa. “When I started this course, I had never created anything before. I really wanted to learn how to create. But then I discovered that creating can also be part of teaching. During the creation of a performance, you guide the actors,” she says.

This course also taught Jente to think more in depth about her research. “I learned to formulate what I do and why I do something in a clearer way. I learned to discover what I truly want as a creator.”

For Jente, ArtEZ was a place where she could research and shape her own vision. She’ll also be missing all the tools, spaces, and creative people around her. After she graduates, Jente wants to continue to collaborate with different disciplines to keep creating art in this way.

Theatre in Education Arnhem

During the Bachelor Theatre in Education, you’re not trained to become a traditional theatre teacher. You’re trained to become an artist educator in theatre. Which means you can not only work as a theatre teacher or theater maker in education, but also as an independent cultural entrepreneur, a director, and so much more. During this Bachelor, you won’t be taking individual courses. Instead, you’ll be working on different projects. You work on your technical skills during training lessons, you learn the theory behind things during seminars, you take writing and feedback lessons, and you’re supervised by various teachers like a scenographer and a dramaturge.

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