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Student Support Fund

In these times it is especially difficult for students to make ends meet. International students in particular have run into financial difficulties; they are completely dependent on a job on the side to provide for themselves. But the corona crisis has completely dried up these jobs. This is a major problem for non-EU students in particular. They do not have a study grant and do not have a natural home base in the Netherlands they can fall back on. And travelling home is difficult or sometimes even impossible. Are you interested in helping students in financial distress? Starting today it is possible to make a donation.

Student Support Fund

The call of this group of students has shocked ArtEZ university of the arts. In courses, individual students and staff. As a result, the institute is about to find itself in hot water, because ArtEZ wants nothing more than to support these students in one way or another, but legislation prohibits the use of education funds and tuition to support students' livelihoods. ArtEZ has therefore decided to set up a Student Support Fund for students who have run into financial problems due to the corona crisis and the (governmental) measures taken. The ArtEZ Student Support Fund is designed to donate a modest, but vital sum of money to alleviate the acute financial distress of students. Anyone who wants to help our students can make a donation. The donated money goes directly to the fund and will be used entirely to support the livelihood of our students.

For all donors: your contribution is greatly appreciated by the students! This is evident from these grateful reactions.

How can I donate?

Click on donate, enter an amount and choose Start payment.


ArtEZ has ANBI status

The ArtEZ Foundation is recognised as a public benefit organisation (ANBI: Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). Donations from donors are welcome. Thanks to this ANBI status, there are tax and financial benefits with regard to gift and inheritance tax, corporation tax and income tax.

Aanvullende informatie:

- ANBI data of ArtEZ
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- Tax and Customs Administration ANBI register (search for ArtEZ)