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Of course, you can address all your questions about the canceling of educational activities to your manager. On this page, we would like to answer the most frequently asked questions to all of you. 

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Update 27-03-2020  I 16:39

Questions related to education

(questions related to Personnel & Organisation below)

What about the Negative Binding Advice (NBA)? 

Insufficiently progressing first year’s bachelor students will not be receiving an NBA. They are allowed to continue their course and join the second registration year. However, in the second year they still can receive an NBA. We advise them to discontinue their course in time might they foresee not to progress sufficiently in their second year. And to seek advice from their academic career advisor or student counsellor.

How will tests be dealt with? 

Tests which can be taken online will be held. Any doubt or questions, please turn to your course’s  Board of Examiners. 

Can admission tests or auditions be held online? 

It is determined per course whether admissions can be held online and whether earlier determined timing can continue. Normal procedures still apply. Might you have any questions, please turn to the  Board of Examiners for your course. 

Are RE:LINK and the Arnhem Student Point accessible? 

Yes, in Zwolle students can still reach RE:LINK. Pastor Martin Jans is available. Go to for the latest updates. 
In Arnhem students can still reach Arnhem Student Point. All activities are cancelled but you can still make an appointment for a personal telephone call with Iris Springvloet. Go to the ASP website for more information.

How can I connect with the Servicebedrijf departments?

All Servicebedrijf departments can be reached from Monday till Friday, from 9.00 - 16.00 both via phone as well as via email. Please find the contact details per department below.

- Student affairs
Please mail your phone number if you would like to be contacted by phone  

026 35 35 679 /  

- Marketing & Communications
026 35 35 758 /

- Personnel & Organisation
026 35 35 851 /

- Finance
026 35 35 682/

- Facilities
026 35 35 700 /

- Mediatheek
026 35 35 675 /

- Education & Quality
026 35 35 722 /

Questions related to Personnel & Organisation

Do I come to ArtEZ to work?

For now, the guideline until Monday the sixth of June is that all ArtEZ colleagues will work from home. Unless your supervisor asks you to come to ArtEZ. This is also applicable to externals and the self-employed.

Will my wages be continued to be paid?

If you are under contract at ArtEZ, you will be continued to be paid. Alongside your supervisor, you will research the possibilities to continue your work activities as much as possible. Externals may reach out to their regular contact concerning the execution of the work activities/assignment.

The regulation to reduce working hours (regeling werktijdverkorting) is not applicable to our sector. In its place has come a temporary emergency measure ‘Bridging for the purpose of keeping Employment opportunities’: NOW (Noodmaatregel Overbrugging ten behoeve van behoud van Werkgelegenheid).

What should I do if my contract is ending?

If you have a temporary contract that ends within this schoolyear, your supervisor will know about this. Contact your supervisor in case you have any questions about the continuation of your employment.

What should I do in case I am sick?

If you become ill and it is not a case of corona contamination, then we ask you to report this through the regular procedure (you could also break a leg while working from home). If you have the suspicion that you do have the Coronavirus, please follow the same reporting procedure. We ask you to specifically inform your supervisor about that. This with regards to locating the source and possible contaminations and our reporting obligation towards the GGD (Common Health Service).

Will appointments with the company doctor be continued?

The appointments with the company doctor will be looked at separately, but in principle be changed to telephone consultation hours. The company doctor, by the way, plays no role in diagnosing the Coronavirus. This is the general physician’s role. 

Is my supervisor allowed to ask if I have health problems?

That is allowed, but you are not obligated to answer. You may answer if you want to, but an employer is not allowed to collect and register medical data and therefore neither your answer to that question.

How can I work (from home) and keep the balance between work and private life?

In this period it is extra difficult, while working from home, to keep a balance between work and home life. The situation can also be further complicated whenever family members are ill or you have to combine caring for kids with doing your job. Discuss with your supervisor what you would need to arrange this well. In this FAQ you will also find several tools that can support you with this.

Many employees like the idea of using their Flexible Employability Hours (DI-hours) now, for instance for the purpose of childcare. In consultation with the supervisor, the employer can provide care leave in case of illness or necessary nursing of direct family members. The standard regulation care leave is applicable. It is also possible that emergency leave can be claimed. Emergency leave can take several days at the most. This is at the discretion of the supervisor.  

Where can I call with questions regarding to what this situation means to me as an ArtEZ employee?

For all questions regarding the current situation, you can contact your supervisor or the HRM department through: or 026-3535851. Other forms of support can be found below!

Are you in need of a coaching session?             

We are noticing that because of the current circumstances concerning the Coronavirus, more complaints of strain, stress, fear and anxiety arise in many people. Working from home also can be an enormous challenge.

Through GORT-coaching, every ArtEZ salaried employee is being offered an hour of online coaching. This conversation can take place via Skype. Talking to a professional may give you insight that can help you to get through this period. Think of themes such as:

  • How do I cope with the current situation?
  •  How do I stay focussed and motivated?
  • Working from home with kids: how does one do that, actually?
  • How do I make sure I feel less lonely?
  • How do I make sure no more irritations arise now that (almost) everyone is working from home?
  • How do I contain a rhythm in a day?
  • I experience more stress and fear. How do I handle this?

You can send your request via:  https://gortcoaching/kies-jouw-coach

ATTENTION PLEASE: Use code #speciale aanbieding 320. This offer is valid until April 10th 2020 and meant for all employees under ArtEZ contract that have not already started a coaching trajectory at GORT coaching.

 Do you need assistance from the company physician?

The Health and Safety Service at ArtEZ has established a Corona helpline. This helpline is meant for questions that employees might have concerning work activities and for which a specific answer is desirable, such as:

  • Was does my chronic disease mean with regards to my current way of working?
  • Which risks do I take while working and how do I handle these best?
  • How do I translate the RIVM advice to my personal situation?
  • Where else can I call to with specific questions?

The professionals at Rendemens are available workdays from 8.30 – 9.30 hrs through telephone number 0318 – 301493, or through

Would you like to know more about an optimal home workplace?

Advice concerning the use and settings of furniture, method and tools is given in the TIGRA e-learning below. You can even receive personal advice through live video contact with an advisor. In this way, your home workplace can be evaluated immediately. If you would be helped out with for instance a monitor, a keyboard or a mouse to improve your workplace with, please contact your supervisor.

Do you have any other questions? Please contact the P&O (HRM) department at 026-353 5581 or

Click here for the e-learning website

Can I make a claim for day-care?

The cabinet thinks it is important that people with crucial professions are able to keep working and that day-care is available for them. “Teachers and personnel that are needed at school” are included in the target group of crucial professions.

See this link for more information:

How does ArtEZ handle holidays?

This situation also places taking up a vacation in a different light. Until further notice, you will ask your supervisor for a vacation in a regular way. In accordance with the Vereniging Hogescholen (the united universities of applied sciences) work is being done on a general guideline concerning the (obligated) vacations.

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