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February 14, 2024

Third-year students Fashion Design present collection Formication

In a remarkable fusion of fashion and performance art, third-year students from the Fashion Design course in Arnhem present their latest collection, named Formication. This project, part of the annual Collectie Arnhem initiative dating back to 1999, marks a fresh approach to collaboration and creativity in the fashion world.

Performance art as inspiration

The concept of Collectie Arnhem was conceived to provide students with a holistic experience in the design process, from concept to financing and presentation. This year, the project took a bold turn with a collaboration with performer Astrit Ismaili, whose work was an inspiration for the collection.

Bringing the story to life

The 19 students worked closely to bring Ismaili's and their own vision to life, with a focus on gender and non-binary themes. The result was a stunning array of garments imbued with a visual language that explored insects and constructions.

By means of styling, the students have given their own fashionable vision, using collection pieces they created for Astrit. In addition, the students also collaborated on a short film. For the film, the students have used the collection pieces and added their own pieces into it:

Pushing boundaries in presentation

The collection and accompanying film were presented in a performance style, going beyond conventional fashion shows. The result was a multidisciplinary experience that seamlessly combined fashion, art, and storytelling, pushing the boundaries of the traditional fashion world.

With Formication, the students have reached a new milestone in the long history of Collectie Arnhem. They’ve also pushed the boundaries of fashion and art, emphasizing the power of collaboration and creativity."
Matthijs Boelee, head of Fashion Design


Anna Yglesias Gahlenbeck / August Lentjes / Britt Kloosterman / Casper Naafs / Charlie Winkel / David Singarella / Dorka Szabo / Jamie Lugtenberg / Jesper Boerboom / Mayar Shakeb / Nathalia Dabrowska / Nina Kok / Sara de Vroe/ Suna Doets / Sarah Das / Soojeong Lee / Min Sun Ho / Youngjin Choe / Zsuzsanna Varga 


August Lentjes / Jesse de Vries / Zsuzsanna Varga / Mayar Shakeb / Roy Adriaens / Kaat van Gessel / Angele Musabimana / Sjaak Mechelinck/ Casper Naafs / Ashley Isabel van de Wardt / Noor van Leemput / Stasha Pigkou / Ouiee Park / Ninio ter Haar / Clara von Ketteler / Arno Adomaitis / Samira Gemin / Magda Saarloos / Suna Doets 

Video credits

Director of videography and editing: Boris Peters / Light assistant: Rollo van Wijk / Director of photography and editing: Mika Jansen / Sound and music design: Ruben Borscher and Gerrit van Balen / Production: Suna Doets / Hair and Make-up: @noahindimua and @yazzbratzz 


Stephanie Schuitemaker / Johannes Offerhaus / Rixt van der Tol / Alieke Broekhuizen / Charlotte Buchal / Kevin Pleiter 

Head of Fashion Design

Matthijs Boelee 

Special thanks to

Gönül Yigit / Wendy Barten / Sjoerd van Ree / Walter Huinink / Nicole Jansen / Arjan van der Monde / Jeroen Wandemaker / Inge Venderbosch / Yvette Zewald-Jacobs / Wendy Wassink / Mees Baars / Levi Lackó / Congierges Rietveld Building 

Inspired by a collaboration with Astrit Ismaili 


ArtEZ University of the Arts / Viper Hard Seltzer / Salmari / Davi Bieren / Printing Workshop ArtEZ Arnhem