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November 29, 2023

SPOTTED: Work by ArtEZ alumna Iris van Herpen on display in international exhibition

Iris van Herpen is showcasing her work in the international exhibition at Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, which was inaugurated by Queen Máxima. The Fashion Design alumna has worked on this exhibition for five years and took Radio 1 on a tour of the exposition.

More than a Fashion Exhibition

"I hope that this exhibition broadens the perspective on what fashion can mean. For some people, fashion is truly and solely seen as clothing. I believe it can be much more than that."

Fashion can be an art form, relating to all other layers of life around us. I hope people will feel that in the exhibition."
Iris van Herpen

In summary: The exhibition goes beyond just a fashion showcase. It also features 80 sculptures and artworks selected by Iris and the curator: "These are many collaborations because I often work with people outside my own discipline, from other artists and architects to scientists and biologists."

Closer to the work

What makes this exhibition so special is, first of all, that everyone can see the work with their own eyes. You don't need an exclusive invitation, as you would for a fashion show in Paris. Additionally, the exhibition will be on display for five months—a particularly long period. Moreover, people can get very close to the work. Iris says, "Visitors will see the process, all the sources of inspiration, and, of course, the pieces themselves. This allows you to feel much more where the work comes from."

At a runway show in Paris, everything happens very quickly; it's finished in fifteen minutes. That's a beautiful experience, but at an exhibition, you get much closer to the work."
Iris van Herpen

Opening by Queen Máxima

The exhibition was opened by Queen Máxima. She wore a creation specially designed for her by Iris.

I am proud to assist in the opening of this retrospective; a tribute to a Dutch artist of the highest level."
Queen Máxima

2025 in the Netherlands

Australia, Singapore, Los Angeles, the Netherlands... the exhibition will travel all over the world. In the Netherlands, we need to be patient; the exhibition will be here in 2025.

Fashion Design

Iris van Herpen graduated from the bachelor's course Fashion Design in Arnhem, one of the best fashion courses in Europe.