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September 25, 2023

Impression and winners of 'De Kunst van het Ontwerpen'

'De Kunst van het Ontwerpen', a competition for prospective art educators and art teachers, was hosted by ArtEZ last Friday. Students from bachelor's and master's courses from across the nation displayed their designs for art education. The Art Zone will provide all winners the chance to publish (part of) their design concept. A fantastic launching pad for a large audience in art education!


The competition's goal was to highlight the unique competence of aspiring art educators as instructional designers, and it most definitely succeeded! Following Inès Sauer's inspirational lecture, the event featured eight compelling student pitches, swinging performances by the band Roméo, and a polished presentation and hosting by Nilay Ceber.

Get a taste of the atmosphere and view the photos.

And the winners are...

Bachelor's prize: Rosalinde van Malkenhorst and Benjamin Schermer

Rosalinde van Malkenhorst and Benjamin Schermer won a cheque for no less than €1000 with Project Proefkonijn. According to the jury, this design plan has a nice starting point from one-to-one conversations with elderly people. Based on the idea that there is an artist in every person, this project was developed with and by older people. It invests in 10 visits with one person instead of a group, which gives the opportunity for the creation of beautiful works relevant to the elderly themselves. The design is conceptually very consistent with an autonomous character and visually appealing. Furthermore, the jury found the design innovative and interesting that there is an ambition to expand to other target groups with this design.

Master's prize: Margot van Ruitenbeek and Hedwig Visser

Margot van Ruitenbeek and Hedwig Visser managed to win both the audience prize and the Master's prize with 'Je hebt er (niet) zelf om gevraagd'. They also took home a cheque for €1000. The jury believes that this is a very complete, beautiful design plan that has clearly been well thought through, with an important theme. An art educational design about victim blaming in situations of sexually transgressive behaviour. Interesting that it was made for students of courses in eduction, as this gives the design the opportunity to also have an impact, through the students, on the students they will be teaching as teachers (in the future). In doing so, the jury finds it strong that a lot of thought has gone into safety within the design and that the design has been constructed and formulated in a very responsible educational way.

Audience choice prize: Shanti Kerstens and Paulien Kromwijk

Shanti Kerstens and Paulien Kromwijk (WDKA) won the audience award with Het Ver(zamel)haal.

Guts&Glory Challenge: Kira Anzizu

Kira Anzizu may enter the Guts&Glory Challenge with 'AANPASSEN'. According to the jury, this design has a laudable vision in which not only the migrant adapts, but also the host country. From a personal background, Kira Anzizu Huygen has researched the adaptation process of migrants in the Netherlands. Her design uses theatrical experiences to actively practice and reflect on encounters, trust, communication and more.

Kira receives an amount of €750, and if she develops her design plan sufficiently in the coming period, she will receive another €750 in six months' time. Moreover, she gets to sit on the jury next year.

De Kunst van het Ontwerpen