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July 4, 2023

Graphic Design students create signing for finals exhibition in Arnhem

The finals of Art & Design Arnhem are here! Fourth-year students Product Design, Creative Writing, Fashion Design, BEAR Fine Art, Docent Beeldende Kunst en Vormgeving, Design Art Technology and Graphic Design show their work. Did you know that the signing of the finals at Art & Design Arnhem was also made by ArtEZ students? This signage will help visitors navigate during the exhibitions at the various venues!

Graphic Design graduates Judith, Odeta, Fleur and Juliette worked hard on the design and creation process. From 3D animating a save-the-date to building wooden structures, the students showed with this project how versatile Graphic Design can be. They did all this alongside their own graduation projects, which can be admired during the finals exhibitions this week.

More about the makers

Graphic Design

The bachelor in Graphic Design is a four-year programme that creates space for students with a high motivation for learning to thrive. GDA students examine emergent social, political and environmental issues and engage with complex ethical matters through various graphic design perspectives during their studies. The course provides opportunities to excel in subjects such as Type & Typography, Design Research, Experiment & Motion, Interactive Media and Design Theory. GDA students become strong subject specialists but are also adaptable, empathetic to other perspectives.