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Odeta Pralgauskaitė
Odeta Pralgauskaitė

About me

As a designer, I am utilising all of my skills to convey my desired message, thus I am unable to identify one particular specialty in which I work the most. My works are created in both digital and analog media. Be it a book, animation, or poster. I believe that visual language is a potent instrument for influencing others. I like to manipulate it in the manner that I need to. Concept design and the later stages of the design process intrigue me. My sources of inspiration include societal problems, economic and political structures, my experience as a foreign resident, historical events, and natural phenomena. I include all of that into my design projects to reveal to viewers what may be concealed, what frequently occurs, and occasionally to emphasise the beauty of our everyday life.

Designers game

4 horsemen of modern apocalypse

Spark of revolution


Propoganda book

REpublic of KR

How much value does money have?

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