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Neurologic Music Therapy Training

  • Lifelong learning
  • 4 days
  • English
  • Enschede

The Neurologic Music Therapy Training will provide therapists advanced clinical training and scientific knowledge in the field of NMT. 


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Neurologic Music Therapy Training

In brief

This is the Neurologic Therapy Training at ArtEZ:

  • Covers the most important principles and 20 specific technics of NMT concerning motor, speech-language and cognitive issues.
  • Open to allied professionals who are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of neurologic music therapy (NMT) and music therapists interested in utilizing NMT methodology and techniques.
  • The training will be held in English by Prof. Dr. Michael Thaut and Dr. Corene Hurt-Thaut and NMT-fellows. from 14 upto 17 September 2024.