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Christine Chen, student The Sound of Innovation, during Melkhal Pulse. Photo by: Duncan de Fey

The Sound of Innovation

Christine Chen, student The Sound of Innovation, during Melkhal Pulse. Photo by: Duncan de Fey
  • Master's
  • 2 years, full-time
  • English
  • Enschede

The master's course The Sound of Innovation is about discovery. Discover yourself and your own unique musical talents, and use them in exciting and new ways. Develop innovative creations, projects and concepts that have their roots in music, but reach as far as your imagination allows you to. Expand your professional practice to include music and other sound-based creations that cross boundaries between sectors and challenge existing conventions. 

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The Sound of Innovation

Why choose the master's course The Sound of Innovation?

Discover and innovate

You provide musical innovation for creative industries and for other sectors like technology, healthcare or education.

Experiment with music and sonic-arts

You will experiment with music and music technology in a safe, inclusive and stimulating environment.

Work with renowned musicians, artists and researchers

You get to benefit from the wealth of expertise on hand at ArtEZ and work with lecturers, musicians, composers, producers, music therapists and scientists.

Meet different disciplines

You learn the vocabulary of different disciplines by working with experts from various fields.

Address social issues and opportunities

You discover your own musical potential and integrate your fascinations within a broader context of social issues and opportunities.

Shape the sound of the future

You develop a birds-eye view of sectors, markets and disciplines that could benefit from musical and sound-based creations and interventions.

Become a pioneer in tomorrow's (musical) workfield

No one really knows what the (musical) work field will look like in 20 years. As a creative professional and musician, you need a flexible, innovative and pioneering mindset. The Sound of Innovation offers a stimulating interdisciplinary environment to help you to reflect, research and experiment, and to make predictions that help shape the sound of the future.

The master's course makes you dive deeper and deeper into yourself."
TIM KAMPMAN, alumnus The Sound of Innovation

Future proof music and sound-based creations

With The Sound of Innovation, you play a leading role within the field of music and sonic arts, the creative industry, the economy, communication, healthcare or education. You become a flexible thinker who has an intimate understanding of a broad range of disciplines. You forge relationships and make connections that open up new and exciting avenues to explore. You are an agile and pragmatic problem solver who enjoys the challenges of an ever-changing society. Above all: you are a professional who hopes to improve the world with innovative, sustainable and future-proof music-related products or projects. Are you ready to think big?

Get a tase of the atmosphere of The Sound of Innovation with the video below. In this video, students, alumni and lecturers share their experience with this pioneering master's course in music.

The master's course has been accredited by the NVAO and is thus included in the Master’s Guide 2023.