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At the ArtEZ School of Acting in Arnhem, you will be trained as an actor or actress and your first two years of study will mainly focus on becoming acquainted with your own acting potential and acquiring techniques and skills. In the third and fourth year, you will be given the space to shape your own education.

  • Researching acting 

    In the first year, you will get to know yourself better through playing. You will explore different role-playing techniques and skills and discover your capacities and pitfalls. How do you get from the idea to the scene? Which way works best for you? How do you work with others? 
    All of this takes place in classes, training modules and seminars.
    n the second year, you will still follow the regular training modules and classes. You will deepen your research. In projects, you will be challenged to bring together in performances and presentations what you have learned in classes.  

    In the first year you can also apply for the Honours Programme as a supplement to the theoretical programme of your own bachelor course. 

  • The main phase: working independently  

    In the third year of the course, you will work more independently. You will question and investigate your own artistry and put together your own course curriculum with your mentor. The course will also prepare you for working in the professional field. You will write a graduation plan, in which you will explain how you want to design your graduation programme. In the final year of the acting course, we expect you to present yourself as an independent, enterprising actor.  

  • Projects 

    During the course, there is room to create your own performances. In the fourth year, you will create a graduation performance which you will present in a professional theatre.   


    An internship in the fourth year is a fixed element of your graduation. In principle, you arrange these internships yourself, with supervision from your mentor.  

    We encourage you to also gain international experience. You will not only discover new techniques but also develop new skills.   

    The School of Acting in Arnhem currently maintains exchange programmes with various theatre schools within Europe, including KUG Graz, KASK Ghent and RITS Brussels.  

Ecce Homo  1
Ecce Homo 1

What will you learn at the School of Acting?

The ArtEZ School of Acting is a small-scale four-year drama course at higher vocational level. The technique of acting forms the basis of the course curriculum. You will follow practical and theory classes and reflect on the work of others and on your own work. In role-play projects, you will integrate the knowledge you have acquired. You will create your own work on the floor; as an actor and creator, you will already be at the heart of the professional field in your graduation year. Throughout your studies you will be coached by your mentor.  

There is plenty of room for your personal development as an artist within the course curriculum of the school of acting. For example, you can go into directing, writing or music theatre in more depth.    

Structure of the course curriculum 

Acting consists of a palette of different skills. A good actor not only has a great capacity for interpretation, they are also actively involved in a creative process as a (co)creator.  

You will take both practical and theory classes. In the first year, you will taught many different skills in the areas of text interpretation, singing, movement and role-playing. The practical classes are firmly linked to the theoretical education. You will develop a broad awareness of the world and the arts through subjects such as philosophy, dramaturgy and film analysis.
As the course progresses, we will expect you to set up your own projects and make your own performances. You will always do so in collaboration with others, both within and outside the course.  

Course supervision 

During the course, everything is centred on your individual development. Because of the small scale of the course, we can offer every student intensive supervision. A mentor will supervise you throughout the course.   


The course has various modern, spacious studios, theatres, theory rooms and a library. Students can book studios themselves.  

Studying in Arnhem 

You can find more information about studying in Arnhem here.