Master of Music: The Sound of Innovation

Your future

“I'm now really aware of the narrative power of music”

Maurits Handlogten
2nd year student, The Sound of Innovation

Your future

Once you complete your master's, you will be an innovator and change maker in music. You will be a leader in the creative, education or technological industry. You will work at the interface of music and musical applications and know what powers you possess. And once you graduate? Then you can call yourself a Master of Music (MMus).

What is your innovation?

With The Sound of Innovation master's degree, you can turn your musical passion into deeds. You will learn to collaborate with local and international professionals working within and outside the music field. You will have a strong foundation as innovator and networker: you think up things that haven't yet been conceived. New instruments? New notation systems? Innovations in multimedia, education, festivals and conferences, technology, health care? The sky is the limit!