Master of Music: The Sound of Innovation

Make your musical mark in the creative world of tomorrow! You will be working on new musical products and concepts together with students from other degree programmes. Choose your own programme and your own lecturers. The Sound of Innovation programme gives you a strong foundation for your career in music and beyond.

Why choose The Sound of Innovation at ArtEZ?

  • You can follow your passion
    Choose your own courses and lecturers using your personal course budget.
  • Impact, innovation and change
    Your power to innovate is what will make you stand out. As a change maker, you can make your own way in the market.
  • ArtEZ Academy of Music Enschede *loves* innovation
    There are no boundaries between the lecturers, musicians, composers, producers and music therapists who teach and study here.
  • Plenty of room to grow, experiment and fail
    At ArtEZ you will find trust, equality, playfulness and
  • Collaboration = even more knowledge
    By collaborating with students from other majors in the musical and other fields, you can acquire knowledge from all sorts of disciplines.

What will you learn in Enschede?

Innovating will be your job, as you partner with other creators outside your own discipline. You will discover how you, as a musician, composer, producer, teacher or manager can help break new ground. You will build upon your own target audiences, develop new concepts and have an impact. Want to delve deeper into songwriting, teaching, electronic arts, composition, music production or music management? It's all possible. 

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We're looking for the musical pioneer of the future

The Sound of Innovation is about more than breaking new ground at the highest level; it's also about resilience, collaboration and tackling complex problems. We expect that you:

  • believe in self-reflection and research;
  • think outside the box;
  • are able to collaborate outside your discipline;
  • are extremely musical;
  • are able and willing to work hard.

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