Jazz & Pop



A Jazz & Pop musician's practice is a challenging one, irregular and divers. Professional musicians are expected to be much more than great at playing their instrument. In this fast-changing world, they need to be flexible, proactive, and creative. They need to be able to determine their own path and communicate their vision. For this reason, the Master of Music at ArtEZ supports musicians in their journey to reinvent and broaden the professional field with meaningful content.

Creating an audience

If you want to stand out as a musician, you need to be aware of your surroundings and use that awareness to create your own audiences or target groups. Think out of the box. Communicate with your audience. Turn on your creativity. That is what you do and develop during this Master.

Boost your development

The Master of Music will boost your personal and artistic development. We ask you to go the extra mile in everything you do. Develop new concepts and make an impact. Let yourself be inspired by our renowned (guest) professors. Get in touch with Master students from other disciplines, cooperation partners, and (theatre) programmers.


It is important to us that you feel you have the space to develop your vision. Presenting your uniqueness will move you forwards. For this reason, you can design large parts of the course yourself and discover your own interests further. Of course, you will learn to have more control over your instrument and you will be trained in the tools that will further your career.

Three Pathways

Our Master of Music has three pathways. In Arnhem, we train our students to become performers and makers; in Enschede they develop into innovators; and in Zwolle into performers and curators. Thanks to these different profiles, students can influence each other. There are courses that focus on teamwork and creation, and are not linked necessarily to one of the three locations.