Jazz & Pop

After graduation

After graduation

Upon completion of the Jazz & Pop course, you will have the title Bachelor of Music. Because of the enormous variation within the Jazz & Pop course, ArtEZ produces very versatile musicians every year.

Graduates find their own individual market niche. This is why there is less mutual competition in quite a saturated market. Through strong segmentation during the course, students are aware of what they have to offer and what their target market is.

Versatile musician

As a musician, you can also opt to play in a live band at festivals or work as a studio musician. You can also choose for a combined professional practice, such as musical performances with visual art or theatre and dance. Teaching is also an option, for example at music schools or art centres or by starting your own teaching practice. Almost all professional musicians work through a combination of the above mentioned activities.

Independent musician

The services ArtEZ offers its graduates include starter guidance in setting up their own business.

Further study

The Master of Music links perfectly with the Bachelor’s. In this Master’s course, you can further specialise in the direction that appeals to you most.

If you would prefer to obtain a top-level secondary teaching qualification in mainstream education, then the two-year Bespoke Music in Education course might be for you. You can take this course after you have obtained your bachelor's degree. You will pay the favourable statutory tuition.


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