Honours Programme 'Theory and Research'


"The lectures gave me a broad perspective on how contemporary artists are thinking, creating and connecting with the world nowadays."

Julia Barrios de la Mora
Student Dance and HP


The Honours Programme ‘Theory and Research’ aims to collectively engage in encounters with the work of theoreticians and makers from the arts and sciences. We exchange ideas, concepts, musings, propositions, dreams, matters, moves and movements. We aim to be playfully serious and seriously playful.

Conversation Piece Honours Programme
Conversation Piece

Dialogue between disciplines

We offer a multidisciplinary environment in which students from different Bachelor’s programmes at ArtEZ work together: dancers, theatre makers, writers, musicians, architects, visual artists, designers and educators. We engage in dialogue with each other, with authors and with guest lecturers to expand knowledge(s). Based on current arts practice and discourse, we will jointly investigate the constituents of the arts. Is there a certain communality of concepts and views? Do they speak the same language? Comfort zones are being questioned in tutorials, lectures, workshops and reading groups.

Theory and research

We do not regard theory as a rigid aggregate of views, ideas and systems, but as a dynamic principle that is inextricably connected to practice. In the Honours Programme, we are seeking the interactions between theory and practice. Students will meet and talk to researchers from various backgrounds in the arts, science, and humanities. They will share their knowledge about how they envision the role of theory and what ‘doing research’ is about. We will study how they, in their own practice as scholar and/or artist, ask questions and develop methodologies to find answers to these questions – and how that process always again leads to new questions.

The Honours Programme ‘Theory and Research’ is developed by the research group Theory in the Arts. In the magazine AzK (Art as/z Knowledge), you can read more about the Honours Programme as a ‘laboratory and platform where various disciplines work and think together.’