During the four-year Dance programme in Arnhem, you will learn techniques and work on your artistic personality. You combine practice and training with theory. Within the course, we distinguish four phases: preparation, skill development, integration and transition. This subdivision also applies to the different training years.

First year: preparatory phase

The first year focuses on preparing your body for technical training and supporting you in the development of a strong, open and flexible mind.

  • Techniques: classical, modern (Graham and Countertechnique), contemporary
  • Songlines (supporting techniques): pilates, conditioning training
  • Mapping (personal profile): improvisation, release, composition solo, choreography, repertoire, artistic projects
  • Theory: anatomy, music, history of dance and dance analysis
  • Miscellaneous: theatre technique, free space (visiting performances and taking elective courses)

In the first year, you have the opportunity to apply for admission to the Honours Programme, which is supplementary to the regular course.

Second year: craft phase

The second year has a strong focus on the development of professional skills and technical ability. You will also receive extra coaching in your development as a performer and creative artist.

  • Techniques: classical, modern (Graham and Limon), contemporary, partnering
  • Songlines: pilates, conditioning training
  • Mapping: improvisation, release, contact improvisation, composition duet, essence work, own work, repertoire, dance dramaturgy, professional orientation, artistic project
  • Theory: anatomy, music, philosophy, interdisciplinarity and dance analysis
  • Miscellaneous: audio/visual course, costumes

Third year: integration phase

The third year focuses more specifically on the artistic identity of the dancer/choreographer, on the integration of the acquired skills in the final presentation and on the preparation for the transition to professional practice by helping you to formulate a personal development plan.

  • Techniques: classical, modern (Limon), contemporary
  • Songlines: yoga, pilates, conditioning training
  • Mapping: improvisation, release, repertoire, process inquiry, artistic project
  • Theory: artistic research project (individual)
  • Miscellaneous: free space

Fourth year: transition phase

The fourth year links study at the academy to professional practice. This can take the form of an internship, but you can also do an alternative programme, after consultation with your mentor. Such an alternative programme could for example consist of a series of workshops outside the school. 

The last few years students had internships at or participated in projects with:

  • Club Guy & Roni
  • Ann van den Broek
  • Introdans
  • De Stilte
  • David Middendorp
  • NB Projects
  • Keren Levi
  • Scapino Ballet
  • Generale Oost
  • Dansateliers
  • Jan Martens
  • Cullberg Ballet
  • Nordans
  • National Dance Company Wales
  • Tanz Mainz

The students praticipated in international dance projects in among others Milan, Porto, Vienna, Brussels, Mainz, Aken, Copenhagen, Lisboa, Reykjavik, Tel Aviv, Jersey, Linz, Sienna, New York and Bern. 

ArtEZ Studium Generale
Every year the school organises ArtEZ Studium Generale, an exciting day filled with debates, workshops, performances and lectures. Here you can meet students from other art disciplines and art professionals. Studium Generale gives you the opportunity to discuss your views with others and develop your thoughts on dance and art.