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Preparatory course
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Dance in Education Audition Workshop



The intensive Audition Workshop is a series of 6 Saturdays that prepare you for admission to the Dance in Education programme. The method of working during the workshop is similar to the admission audition. 

The programme is based on the bachelor's degree curriculum and geared to the four professional roles of the dance teacher (dancer, choreographer, entrepreneur and teacher). The following dance elements are addressed: technical dance classes such as urban, classical and jazz dance to develop yourself as a dancer and creative dance subjects such as composition and improvisation to improve your choreography skills. 

Personal coaching

During the Audition Workshop you receive personal coaching on how to perform differently and better in various dance situations. You are challenged to collaborate and be enterprising during assignments and to articulate your dance ambitions together with the other participants. Your artistic talents are challenged by staging a solo performance and, finally, students practise their teaching skills by teaching one another. The training is intensive and requires you to prepare for assignments at home as well.

On completing the Audition Workshop, you will have a better insight in your own skills and the possibilities that the Dance in Education bachelor's degree course may offer you.