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Corp0-real Camp @Transit Luttekestraat 35 Zwolle,

Exhibition Spatial Annotations Or How Prototypes Frame our Surroundings curated by Josh Plough

Corp0-real Camp @Transit Luttekestraat 35 Zwolle,

On December 7th the public of Zwolle will have the chance to interact with and experience the experimental prototypes created by the second year Corpo-real MA students of ArtEZ. While subjects vary from Creolisation to the apparatus of imagination, the overall theme that becomes apparent is the de- and re-construction of space. It is with this act that the antagonism between Public and Private is made apparent. Many of the frameworks on show ask us to develop new sensitivities towards the environment around us. Through the act of dissection, literally and metaphorically, the students’ work proposes a new and widened space in which walls become porous and users become actors. 

The prototypes shown are described as annotations because they’re often treated as subservient to the final outcome. However, they support the finality of the students’ research as they provide the structure from which they can make their bold and challenging statements. There is agency to be found in this positioning of the work, as it exposes us to the invisible processes before the reification of theory and research. This approach removes the ‘glass case’ of exhibition making and swaps the clean white of a vitrine for a blue, stained carpet.

Spatial Annotations creates a scenario in which the usual confidence of a finished ‘product’ is superseded by the more open ended and precarious nature of research. We, the participants, become aware of the mechanics behind the built environments we interact with everyday. This exposure can hopefully result in an alternative way of seeing, one that treats vulnerability and permanence as equal partners. 

This exhibition runs in parallel to one in the Corpo-real Base* at ArtEZ, Stilobadstraat 3 Zwolle. In which the first year students display their individual research on the topic HOME. Expect to get confronted and challenged by interventions, experiences, story telling and poetry. 

Josh Plough
Corpo-real issued summer 2018 an open call for a curator in residence that they invited to stay, work and collaborate with students during the fall. Current curator in residence is design curator Josh Plough. He has been working with students in different workshops, sessions and has prepared with the students a pop-up exhibition during the Studium Generale Home in Zwolle on November 8, with the title: Hatching Theories. 

Josh Plough is the design curator at Onomatopee Projects in Eindhoven and spends his time talking and writing about the intersection of design, art and technology criticism. Working in the shadow of the Design Academy Eindhoven, where he graduated with an MA in Design Curating & Writing, he’s critically sceptical of the DESIGNart it produces and how design in general is displayed. Not seeking to demarcate any profession he wants to open up debate and generate new forms of display and research within the profession that builds on, instead of aping, the art world. Using vulnerability as a curatorial strategy Josh wants to question things instead of provide answers. It sounds noncommittal, but there’s more wiggle room when you’re in a state of not knowing.

Participating students Luttekestraat 35
Rosie van Beuningen
Mariska Boer
Cille van den Brink
Xiaomin Deng
Phuong Duy Dao
MaƂgorzata Gniatkowska
Fenne van den Heuvel
Alana Jansen
Mandela Jap-A-Joe
Qi Liu

Participating students Stilobadstraat 3
Anyue Deng
Paloma Franco Hempenius
Kaylyn Jedlinski
Zehra Kahvecioglu
Elif Liman
Szu-Han Lin
Sila OztekinYing-Ting Shen
Bregje Tjallinks
Lisabell Zint




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