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Frouke Engel
Frouke Engel

Emotion in motion’ deals with (psychosomatic) symptoms in the body that manifest because of suppressed emotions and stress. People visit the gym to workout, but dealing with emotions we often find it hard to find a physical outlet. We get stuck in our own head. One option is to visit a psychologist but does talking do the trick? While the medical world persists in separating physical and mental health practices, modern-day science shows that body and mind are entwined.

To explore the needs of people when expressing their emotions in a physical way I organised a series of empirical experiments. I challenged participants to dive into their feelings of anger and sadness. The knowledge acquired from these experiments was a starting point in developing a series of approachable objects. They will help people relate to their own body and emotions, as well as to those of others. By interacting with my objects people may find the freedom to let go of bottled up ‘negative’ emotions.

Taking ‘Emotion in motion’ further my ambition is to collaborate with experts in both the field of mental and physical health. Together I would like to develop what can be considered an ‘emotional workout’. I aspire the objects to become integrated in daily medical practices. Thus bringing the disciplines of ‘body’ and ‘mind’ closer together.

About me

I believe in the ability of people to break out of their routines. My designs offer people tools to get unstuck in the status quo or in their mental constructs. I do not shy away from feelings of discomfort and unease. Rather I think these feelings provide an opportunity for people (and myself) to open up. By my performances, products and experiences I invite people to reframe their experiences and take on new perspectives.

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