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A great start of a new study year at #ArtEZ!

Introductions, new friendships, cultural trips, workshops and other activities... Last week was the introduction week for all ArtEZ students. A fantastic start of a new study year!

Students of Art and Design Zwolle during the introduction weeks
Students of Art and Design Zwolle during the introduction weeks

"Bruisweken" in Zwolle

Pop orchestra ArtEZ kicked off the HBO “Bruisweken” in Zwolle, where thousands of students from various schools could enjoy a performance from various artists from Zwolle. Foto via: @Veerlebas 

Art & Design Zwolle 

At the Art & Design school in Zwolle, over 200 first year students played the drums under the direction of Blue Beat Project.

The students could also express their creativity during cool workshops!

AKI Art & Design Enschede

At AKI in Enschede the first year students got a special presentation of the film documentary 'I am a Bastard'. The film by AKI lecturer Ahmet Polat follows actor/writer Rashif El Kaoui, who struggles with his surroundings and is in search of his origins and identity. 

Introduction week Arnhem at the Paasheuvel 

The Arnhem academies of Art & Design, Theatre & Dance and the Conservatory organised a joint introduction week this year. The new students camped at De Paasheuvel. Games, dinner and a pub quiz, together with good weather, that's an ideal combination!

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