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Corona update: academic year starts with more physical education

After one and a half year of far-reaching restrictions, the time has finally come: we start the 2021-2022 academic year without the concern of 1,5 meter distancing. This will normalize physical education and collaboration. We’re very happy about that.

Welcome Days 2018. Foto: William Moore
Welcome Days 2018. Photo: William Moore

We’re very glad our first-year students will be able to start in a close to normal manner and incumbent students can take more live classes again. Our teachers are looking forward to the renewed opportunities regarding teaming and collaborative learning.

As much as we value education-without-distancing, we find it equally important to host a safe environment based on respect of one another.

For that reason we respect the following guidelines from Monday 30 August 2021 as provided by the government: 

  • A face mask will remain mandatory when walking through our buildings.
  • A maximum of 75 people will apply to any of our (class)rooms, following the governmental guideline.
  • The indicated one way directions will continue to apply when walking through our buildings.
  • The policy regarding introduction activities will remain the same until 30. August. Meaning the 1.5 meter social distancing continues to apply for all education related introduction activities.
  • For the colleagues working from home the current general guideline is still valid: work from home unless this is impossible. We advise you to stay in touch with your line manager regarding the interpretation and collaboration within your team(s).

​​​​​​​Vaccination is a personal decision. Irrespective of that we urgently invite you to embrace all other opportunities to contribute to our collective safety. Self-tests are available for free. Let's use them (the Dutch government advices twice a week) and respect the basic guidelines regarding washing your hands thoroughly and regularly; staying at home and getting PCR tested when experiencing symptoms (fever; coughing; fatigue). We ensure that our locations are well ventilated.

ArtEZ wishes all students and employees good luck starting up the new year.