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Doing business does not have to be impossible, lonely, or unhealthy

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In the coming months, the ArtEZ Business Centre collaborates with Tim Bongaerts and Lars Meijer, graduates of the Creative Writing program ArtEZ Arnhem in 2020. Tim and Lars will investigate and talk about how last year's graduates carry out entrepreneurship.

Doing business does not have to be impossible, lonely, or unhealthy


They will publish a series of articles in which they talk to graduates about their current work. By speaking to young, innovative, and high-profile graduates, they aim to find the key to doing business in an erratic and unstable field of work. How do you translate your creative work into a digital environment, and what skills did you learn during the pandemic? Which aspects of entrepreneurship are least affected, and how do you keep yourself and your business healthy while zooming in your bedroom? Follow our website and socials to learn how influential the pandemic has been and still is. 

We notice a need for stories from fellow entrepreneurs. This time is isolating, despite communication being easier than ever before. We see this trend and hope our articles tell that doing business in the creative field does not have to be impossible, lonely, or unhealthy.


Tim Bongaerts

Tim Bongaerts (1998) likes to rhyme words together. He graduated with a collection of poetry. It is already on, about sound, silence, and
tinnitus. He loves to listen to hip hop and battle rap. He is part of the Wildgewelf writers collective and the literary duo Poetry & Pils on YouTube, discussing contemporary Dutch-language poetry. He previously performed in Perdu and acted at the Winter Garden Festival.

Lars Meijer

Lars Meijer (1994) graduated Creative Writing at ArtEZ Arnhem with his research Only my friends are afraid, investigating the language surrounding sexuality, violence, and desire. He has published in De Groene Amsterdammer, De Optimist, See All This and DIG. On YouTube, he is active as co-host of the literary channel Poetry & Pils. Lars is part of the Wildgewelf writers' collective.

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