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Shashi Baboeram Panday and Jarrod Francisco to join Board of Governors

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Jarrod Francisco (left) en Shashi Baboeram Panday (right)

On Monday 14 September the Board of Governors of ArtEZ University of the Arts appointed its two new members, Shashi Baboeram Panday and Jarrod Francisco. The Executive Board and the Board of Governors are particularly pleased with the appointment of two very experienced new members.

Shashi Baboeram Panday

Shashi Baboeram Panday has an impressive track record as CFO at, among others, Talpa Media and Talpa Holding, where he bears final financial responsibility. Given his knowledge and experience, he will chair the audit committee within the Board of Governors. Panday: “I’ve come to know ArtEZ as an inspiring, dynamic environment. I look forward to working together to shape the next phase of the organisation’s development.”

Jarrod Francisco

Jarrod Francisco is no stranger to the performing arts. He has extensive managerial experience in the cultural sector, including at Dood Paard and in his current position as director at Likeminds; a unique breeding ground for creators and for the field. He recently published an evocative article in the Theaterkrant about the diversity discussion in which he advocates diversity in the context of the BIS: “diversity not as coercion, but as space, as an opportunity for which organisations that are intrinsically involved can be given resources. We should say: this diversity requirement does not apply to everyone. Because now it’s just a matter of form. As long as it is not intrinsic and self-evident and there is no interim accounting with financial consequences, we will have the same discussion over and over again.”

Marjolijn Brussaard, President Executive Board: “With the appointment of Panday and Francisco, we have a strong, professional Board of Governors that can keep us on our toes and work with us on the future of ArtEZ.”

Shashi Baboeram Panday and Jarrod Francisco are succeeding resigning members Renzo Martens and Wilma Koning.

Shashi Baboeram Panday en Jarrod Francisco volgen de aftredende leden Renzo Martens en Wilma Koning op.