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The Course and Examination Regulation (OER) applies to all students of ArtEZ university of the arts who are registered for one of our courses. The Course and Examination Regulation also applies to those who wish to study at ArtEZ, particularly the admission rules.

Institute section and course section

The Course and Examination Regulation consists of two sections: an institute section and a course section.

Institute section

The institute section contains the provisions applicable to all students (divided into an institute section for associate degree and bachelor's degree courses and an institute section for master's degree courses).

Course section

In addition, course sections have been drawn up for each course. They contain the education and test programme and the competencies/final qualifications of the course you are taking. In the course section you will also find which rules and agreements apply to your course only.

 The course sections of the Course and Examination Regulation are listed below. The course sections are available for each course on the ArtEZ Intranet.