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Recreating memories to help us heal

  • Fine Art

Activist. Former refugee. Artist. That’s Rojin Tavassoli. She started the course Fine Art four years ago because she wanted to pursue something that was only for herself. She wanted to understand that part of her that was yet undiscovered. In the video below, she tells us more about her experiences during this course: “My brain is constantly on. I’m constantly thinking and jumping from one topic to another. But when I paint, it stops. I feel zen.”

Recreating memories to help us heal

For her finals, Rojin uses architectural objects as metaphors. She explains: “For inspiration, I look at objects like drawers, tables, or closets. They can contain feelings or memories. But they can also be empty. And we can fill them ourselves with our own creations. I find it fascinating that we can recreate our memories. We can take material from the past and create a totally different story. And believe it. I think it can be used as a healing process.”

Good experiences at AKI

Rojin chose AKI ArtEZ because she met with a lot of former students in Enschede who spoke highly of the academy. “Everyone I met, had a lot to say about AKI. When I went to visit the academy, I thought it was an inspiring space. The idea of having your own studio was very fascinating. And I learned that there are well-known artists who teach here.”

The next step

When Rojin is asked what the next step is after graduation, her answer is: “I want to create or help create a program of some kind that helps people cope with life. That’s something important to me.”

Fine Art

The bachelor of Fine Art at ArtEZ AKI in Enschede gives you all the tools you need to become an artist, photographer, filmmaker, or a curator. You experience a balance between creating and thinking, you discover your role in the society as an artist, you explore various disciplines of contemporary visual art, and you get a proper preparation to become an independent visual artist.