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Research effects ABL on patients with cancer at AUMC

Keep Moving’ ! (downstairs)  Muurschildering door Silvia Russel, St Anna Ziekenhuis Geldrop
Foto: Keep Moving’ ! (downstairs) muurschildering door Silvia Russel, St Anna Ziekenhuis Geldrop

Silvia Russel, Visual Artist / Researcher, specialism in creativity and dealing with the experience of contingency in people with cancer. She investigates whether creative thinking enables people with cancer in the palliative phase to deal better with contingency, the experience that something happens to you 'just like that'. Increasing creativity, that is the ability to create ideas that are new, valuable and surprising, could support in dealing with these experiences. In this study we want to know if that is indeed the case. For this we use the Art Based Learning method and the art collection from the Amsterdam University Medical Center. The research fits within the current question of patients to pay more attention to dealing with this type of experience.