ArtEZ Art Business Centre

The ArtEZ Art Business Centre (ABC) is the centre for entrepreneurship within ArtEZ. It provides the links to the labour market and the business world.

Product Design graduation exhibition with Bart Huydts, ABC director (middle)
Product Design graduation exhibition with Bart Huydts, ABC director (middle)

The ABC:

  • Facilitates the entrepreneurship training of the education programmes and is responsible for the alumni programme
  • Acts as an intermediary between the programmes’ practical business operations and clients
  • Advises emerging artists on setting up their own companies
  • Develops incubators whereby alumni can make use of resources such as a studio and coaching related to their craft
  • Initiates collaboration within the creative sector
  • Connects alumni to clients via the ‘pitch model’
  • Implements the Gelderland Valoriseert (Gelderland valorises) project for the creative sector: see also (in Dutch)

In cooperation with the HAN and Radboud University, ArtEZ focuses on valorisation. ‘Van kennis naar kunde naar kassa’ (From knowledge to skills to checkout). Along with the regular entrepreneurship education during the Bachelor’s phase, art students and lecturers are brought in contact with entrepreneurs. This allows businesses to become acquainted with the mentality of the creative professionals of today and tomorrow, while the creative professionals in turn can explore business opportunities at an early stage.


ArtEZ Art Business Centre
Onderlangs 9, 6812 CE Arnhem
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