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Open Day Zwolle: Enter the world of ArtEZ

Open Day Zwolle: Enter the world of ArtEZ
7 Mar 2019
7 Mar 2019
Open Day Zwolle: Enter the world of ArtEZ

[Enter] your Imagination. [Enter] your Future. [Enter] the World of ArtEZ in Zwolle

Do you have a creative mind and do you sometimes dream of choosing a creative life? Discover the possibilities during the open day at ArtEZ University of the Arts. Talk to lecturers and students, see the professional work studios and auditoriums, attend information sessions, visit a concert or performance, view work, check out the canteen...

Registration is possible from October 2018 


Bachelors and Preparatory courses in Zwolle

  • Animation Design
  • Classical Music
  • Comic Design
  • Fine Art and Design in Education
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration Design
  • Interior Design
  • Jazz & Pop
  • Music in Education
  • Theatre in Education

Associate degree in Zwolle

  • Interior Designer

Masters in Zwolle

  • Classical Music
  • Education in Arts
  • Interior Architecture
  • Jazz & Pop

All courses in Zwolle

Reduced mobility?

Not all monumental ArtEZ buildings are (entirely) wheelchair accessible. We would love to help you, and the best way to do that is to contact us in advance, via

ArtEZ has various locations in Zwolle. You find your location in the confirmation after registration.


Via #ArtEZopendag you’ll find the latest news and announcements on our socials, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Taken a great picture? #ArtEZopendag

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