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Julia Janssen wins Audience Award Crypto Design Challenge 2016

  • ArtEZ Prizewinner
Julia Janssen
Julia Janssen

Julia Janssen, who last year graduated from our degree programme in Graphic Design, has won the Audience Award of the Crypto Design Challenge. In addition to the award, Julia receives a cash prize of € 750. The winner was announced on Friday 2 December at the presentation ceremony at Paradiso in Amsterdam. Julia received the award for her project ‘Bank of Online Humanity’, which combines the theories of ownership of personal information with an unconditional basic income. The winner of the jury award is Yinan Song, a master’s student at the Royal College of Art in London. Under the title ‘Deeply’, Song examines the idea of a ‘virtual condom’ that enables safe internet use, leaving no traces behind and giving its users online freedom of movement and choice. Alongside the Jury Award, she won a cash prize of €1,250.

The Crypto Design Challenge is an initiative by MOTI, the Museum of the Image in Breda, launched in 2015. In the run-up to the awards ceremony, designers and thinkers such as Ingrid Burrington, Harry Halpin, Metahaven, Constant Dullaart and Tijmen Schep gave presentations on a safer internet for everyone.
Detailed information: www.cryptodesign.org