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Jelle Korevaar wins Elisabeth van Thüringen incentive price
23 Nov 2018
23 Nov 2018
Prize winners and jury (with Jelle Korevaar in top row on the right)

Kinetic artist Jelle Korevaar, who graduated from our Fine Art and Design in Education course in Arnhem in 2014, has won an Elisabeth van Thüringen incentive prize in collaboration with the Salvation Army.

The Elisabeth van Thüringen Prizes are awarded once every 3 years for art projects that cross over with welfare. The winner can spend an amount of 10,000 euros on an art project yet to be carried out. The future art project of Jelle and the Salvation Army seeks to break down the taboo surrounding loneliness and bring people into contact with each other. Jelle wants to create a mobile installation where people can leave behind a secret anonymously, 'a place where you can be vulnerable’.

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