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The consequences of the Corona virus for the cultural sector are enormous. In particular, independent artists and freelancers are affected. The Dutch government is doing its best to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus. It is also taking measures to help businesses that are affected by the crisis. You will probably have questions about these measures. On this page we answer frequently asked questions from professionals working in the cultural sector.

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I am a self-employed professional (zzp-er). I am running out of orders. What can I do?

If you are in danger of losing your income, you can apply to your municipality for a temporary extra benefit under the extended financial support for self-employed professionals scheme (Bbz). The terms for application have been relaxed, to speed up the process. Also, the interest rate for loans has been decreased. 

Please make sure you read the terms and conditions of the extra support for zzp-ers

These are the requirements:

  • you are an established self-employed professional, ages between 18 and retirement age
  • you live and reside in the Netherlands legitimately
  • your nationality is Dutch or equalled (a citizen of a country from the European Union, or Switzerland, Iceland, Finland, Lichtenstein, Norway or you have a valid residence permit)
  • you practice your business or profession in the Netherlands
  • you meet the legal requirements for being a business owner, for instance you are registered in the Commercial Register (Handelsregister)
  • you started your company before 1 January 2020, and you meet the hours criterion (a minimum of 1,225 hours per year are put into your company or professional activities)
  • you live in the municipality where you apply

How do I apply for the extra Bbz?

(for self-employed professionals)
Self-employed professionals who want to make use of the scheme can apply at the municipality where they live. So, for instance, if you live in Aalsmeer but have your business in Amsterdam, you apply for the extra Bbz in Aalsmeer. Go to the website of your municipality, or call to find out how to apply where you live. Although the application process will be mostly the same everywhere, it is up to your municipality to provide details on where to send the application and how. Read more about the special Bbz scheme.

Where can I report my missed income or financial loss?

Freelancers in the cultural and creative sector can report their problems and their lost income to the Kunstenbond through a special webpage.

Kunstenbond is a Dutch organization. They operate in the Netherlands and look after the interests of all professional artists working in this country, no matter where you're originally from. Their main website, however, is mostly in Dutch. This page is for the non-Dutch speakers. For now, they have a limited amount of knowledge and news available in English, and they are working on more content for international artists in the Netherlands.

Additional information about the Coronavirus is available on the website of the RIVM National Institute for Public Health

What does the ArtEZ Art Business Centre do?

The ArtEZ Art Business Centre helps students with their work outside and after ArtEZ. During and after their schooling, students are starting a professional practice and exploring their working field. The ArtEZ Art Business Centre gathers all the knowledge that may be helpful in this area for educational institutions, teachers, students, and alumni. That’s how we can answer specific questions and also share general information or mediate between artists and the working field.

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