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Former ArtEZ students in New Culture Top 100

Top 10 of 2017 Culture Top 100
Top 10 of 2017 Culture Top 100


This week the Mauritshuis announced the Culture Top 100, which is put together by NRC and Dutch Culture. This year's top 3 are: Arnon Grunberg(1), Ivo van Hove (2) and Martin Garrix (3).  This year's Top 100 once again includes former ArtEZ students, such as Marc Manders, Marcel Wanders, Daan Roosegaarde, Viktor&Rolf and Jonas Staal. Iris van Herpen (from fashion design Arnhem) and Irma Boom (from AKI ArtEZ) are even in the top 10. Apart from the well-known names in the Culture Top 100, there are many more Dutch creators establishing a name for themselves abroad. Last year, DutchCulture registered 14,925 activities by over 4,000 creators and cultural organisations.

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