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November 29, 2023

ArtEZ alumnus Renée Schuurmans makes new music video for Ed Sheeran

Renée Schuurmans, alumnus Fine Art and Design in Education in Arnhem, made the newest music video for Ed Sheeran! The track 'Blue' has just been released and the video is available to watch worldwide. Ed Sheeran is having 14 official videos made by his fans for his new album and chose Renée's work from thousands of submissions.

Ed Sheeran - Blue

"The song Blue for me tells the story of a friendship breakup”, says Renée. “I myself have experienced a similar situation, and it made me relate to the lyrics on a deeper level. I wanted to visualize the story through animation by showing how this breakup is leaving this "blue" feeling in the life of a person while they are still remembering the relationship they once had with this other person, who once felt like "golden" sunlight in their life before they left. Now that they don't talk, memories of the pair dancing before they went their separate ways are still attached to certain memorabilia, in this case, a heart-shaped necklace/locket.”

The video:

Renée has always been a fan of Ed Sheeran, since his album "+," which is basically for over half her life. “When I was 16 years old, the first concert I ever went to was Ed's Divide tour. He has been a big inspiration for me and the main reason I wanted to learn how to play the guitar and write songs myself. I've always loved drawing and being creative, so making the music video for his song "Blue" was honestly a dream come true! I feel very lucky to be living in a world with Ed's music as the soundtrack to so many of my dearest memories. Here's to making many more!"

Renée will be interviewed by RTL Boulevard on Wednesday 29 November and by Q-music on Friday 1 December!

Fine Art and Design in Education

Renée is a graduate of Fine Art and Design in Education in Arnhem. Do you have a passion for drawing, photography, digital media and design and do you like transforming your ideas into images? And would you like to transmit your passion and knowledge to others? Fine Art and Design in Education is a bachelor course that is all about making and enthusing others about art and visual design.

Video’s door fans

Ed Sheeran has released 14 fan-created, official music videos to accompany the 14 tracks on his latest album, Autumn Variations. The series launched with the premiere of the first video: ‘That’s On Me’ by Beatriz Santamaria Pinha of Brazil, streaming on Ed’s official YouTube channel now1. Earlier this autumn, Ed engaged fans from every corner of the globe to create music videos of their own for each song on Autumn Variations. After receiving thousands of entries, courtesy of creators in over 75 countries, Ed personally handpicked a cohort of 14 winners, representing 14 different countries across five continents, namely Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy, The Netherlands, United States, Brazil, Germany, Japan, France, New Zealand, Taiwan, Mexico, and India1. The remaining 13 videos will roll out over the coming weeks (full list of videos and directors below)2.