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September 13, 2023

ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design Zwolle and Province of Overijssel start collaboration with a minor Creating Creativity

the ArtEZ Academy for Art & Design Zwolle and the Province of Overijssel together introduce a unique minor that offers students the opportunity to apply their creative talents to social issues: Creating Creativity. The collaboration not only brings a breath of fresh air to the provincial government, but also gives students the opportunity to contribute artistically to the challenges within the province of Overijssel.

Students in this minor learn to use their artistic and creative skills to address social issues within the province of Overijssel. By integrating the unique thinking and innovative perspectives of these students into traditional approaches to provincial challenges, new solutions and insights emerge.

This extraordinary collaboration between ArtEZ and the Province of Overijssel offers our learning community (of students, workshop specialists and teachers) a unique opportunity to put their artistic vision to work for the city and region and their own curriculum. Full of curiosity, we look forward to the opportunity to create, through creative approaches, unexpected combinations and thereby make a positive contribution to provincial issues."
Bob Verheijden, director ArtEZ Academy of Art & Design Zwolle

New Dynamic

County Executive Tijs de Bree of Overijssel province is enthusiastic about the collaboration and sees it as an opportunity to bring a new dynamic to the county hall: "I am convinced that using the talents and creativity of students from ArtEZ and other colleges is a valuable source of inspiration and innovation. The social tasks that we as a province are tackling, think of the rural area, energy transition, the labor market, require innovative insights and approaches."

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