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June 13, 2023

2023's nominees Heij Konijn Prize come from ArtEZ Academy of Music in Arnhem

The Heij Konijn Fund was established in 1995 by the will of Mrs. R.M. Heij Konijn, widow of former Arnhem alderman J. Heij, to support young, successful artists and performers. Each year the fund supports three graduates of the Arnhem academies of ArtEZ with a financial donation. In 2023, the nominees come from the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Arnhem.

The prize money

The three nominated students are presented to the fund by the heads of various courses (Jazz & Pop, Music Theatre and Composition for Film & Theatre). The nominees each give a 10-minute pitch about their professional practice to be shaped. The prize money (twice 500,- euro and once 1500,- euro) will be divided according to the judgment of the jury.

The jury

The jury consists of Tamara Rookus (ArtEZ Business Centre), Catelijne de Muijnck (ArtEZ Studium Generale), Bas Aaftink and Laurien Timmermans (ArtEZ Academy of Music). In its judgment, the jury will focus on the candidates' professional prospects, and how they plan to use their talents to successfully launch their careers. In addition, the ArtEZ Business Centre will offer the nominees a sum of 500 euros, which they can use to hire a coach to guide them in the business side of their professional practice.

The nominees

The award ceremony will take place on July 7, during the graduation ceremony in Concert Hall of the ArtEZ Academy of Music in Arnhem. The nominees for the Heij Konijn Prize 2023 are:

Elsa Steixner (Jazz & Pop Arnhem)

During her studies, Elsa Steixner has emerged to an adventurous and idiosyncratic storyteller who knows how to filter the knowledge and skills she has been offered very well. Elsa has no interest in showing off generic skills but instead focuses on her authentic storytelling, engaging her fellow creators and audience in the process. Her language is very mature, and Elsa easily takes you by the hand live on stage and in her recorded music and video clips through a multitude of emotions, from sorrow to exuberant joy, spanning a spectrum from introspection to wandering curiosity.

Isa Zwart en Joy Delphi - samen Colletief Teder (Muziektheater)

Both Isa's and Joy's work show a deep commitment to current social issues. For example, their performance Heksenhamer, referring to the 15th century witch-hunting manual of the same name, was about how women have suffered sexual harassment throughout the centuries. Both Isa and Joy are talented creators who know how to bring their vocal and instrumental skills to their performances in their own unique ways. With performances at Paradiso Noord (Amsterdam), Eurosonic Noorderslag (Groningen) and Luxor Live (Arnhem), among others, Isa Zwart is now a well-known singer/songwriter. Joy Delphi was at the Holland Festival last year in the performance A play for the living in a time of extinction.


Justus Berger (Composition for Film & Theatre)

Justus Berger is a talented, authentic, enthusiastic, and diverse composer, with skills in orchestration, voice-leading, technical production, instrumention and more -  but that is just the beginning. He is also a talented performing musician, conductor, recording engineer, soundmaker, filmmaker, film director, actor and marketing wizard. He is a true collaborator and fantastic communicator. He tells stories through his work, and shares emotions and philosophical ideas, and fights for what he believes in, all through his inspired combinations of different acoustic and digital media, and live performance, always integrating humour, surprise, intelligence, vulnerability and wisdom.

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