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January 30, 2023

Broadcast of SBS at ArtEZ now available to watch online

SBS visited ArtEZ for a day, to create their broadcast 'Heroes of Education'. Who did they talk to and what about? Read it below and watch the episode!

There are so many heroes at ArtEZ. Both students and employees are working on impactful projects. SBS spotlighted a few of those great projects.

Inclusive collaboration within the theater

The first project you'll see in the broadcast is Inclusive collaboration within theater. When actors with and without disabilities are on stage together, it results in wonderful theatrical productions. "Everyone should see that," Cormac (head of the course Theatre in Education) tells SBS.

"It's important to have a livable society where all kinds of perspectives can be shown and told, so that we can be more empathetic with each other."
Cormac Burmania, head of course Theatre in Education

Transformative Artivism

Another project of the bachelor's course Theatre in Education, is Transformative Artivism. Here, students engage with the question 'How can art play a role in conflict transformation?' Two students tell SBS how they are working with different communities in Belfast to create inclusive theater and tell stories that need to be told. "We met a lot of people during the course who live outside the bubble of theater. It's nice to step outside and work with people who have never been on the stage before."

Amjad Dwaer en Gijs Faassen
"The social role we have as artist educators is the most important thing to me."
Amjad Dwaer, student Theatre in Education

Terry Akins

Terry Akins, former Pop Academy student at the Academy of Music in Enschede, was always busy with a social interest as well as with his passion: playing the piano. Early on, Terry dedicated himself to - now 25,000 - children of prisoners and to restoring the bond between parent and child. In addition, he was busy studying piano. At first, those seemed like two separate worlds. But through studying at ArtEZ Academy of Music, Terry was able to minor in education and music therapy and bring these worlds together. He now puts that to work, through lectures or training sessions.

"I felt very supported at ArtEZ Academy of Music, because a lot of people helped me with developing the tools I needed to get my message across."
Terry Akins

Watch the episode