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November 30, 2022

APRIA Journal presents issue #5: Digital Narrations, Fails and Errors

Announcing the latest issue of APRIA Journal, Digital Narrations: Fails and Errors, featuring contributions from Anna Barham, DoriO, Nathan Jones, Maria-Cecilia Quadri and Philip Ullrich and conceptualised with Nishant Shah, former Professor of Aesthetics of Cultures of Technologies at ArtEZ University of the Arts.

With this issue, the contributors explore the phenomena of errors and failures as a way to understand the limitations, distortions, blind spots, inadequacies and pathologies that shape and cut through digital narratives.

The publication comprises five contributions that encompass a range of thematic focal points and formal approaches. ‘ZYX’ by Anna Barham is an audio work on errors caused by Automatic Speech Recognition. ‘Earthbnb, from Platform to Planet’ by the collective DoriO is a video work that works with the aesthetic, technical and structural errors that often occur on digital platforms. Maria-Cecilia Quadri’s ‘Democratise the Cyberspace! Storytelling in the Digital Era’ is a personal essay that provides three interpretations of errors within practices of storytelling on the internet. ‘Experiential Literature? Comparing the work of AI and Human Authors’ by Nathan Jones is a work of literary criticism dealing with the inadequacies and possibilities of AI-generated writing. Lastly, in his poetic essay ‘The Bug,’ Philip Ullrich offers different categories to help understand computer bugs based on his own practice as a programmer.

This issue is edited by Digital Narrations, a collective and open platform series organised by Maria-Cecilia Quadri, Lea Schaffner, and Philip Ullrich.

The full issue is available online and as a downloadable pdf. To read, visit:

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