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November 3, 2022

Art in the city: biotope sculptures by Emiel Ambroos

BEAR Fine Art alumni Emiel Ambroos is making Arnhem greener! Emiel made a wood sculpture at two locations as an overgrowth of the city. The work comes to life in the form of a biotope and insect hotel. It adapts and blends into the environment in which it stands. On 3 November, the second series of the city artworks will be presented.

The temporary artworks are ephemeral and at the same time a breeding ground for life: a place for insects, plants and birds and where residents can briefly imagine themselves in the peace of nature.

Emiel's work questions the relationship between ourselves, each other and the environment. Found objects and construction materials come together in a new world created by Emiel, where the boundaries between organic and artificial, body and landscape blur.


On Thursday 3 November at 17:30, councilor Cathelijne Bouwkamp will open Emiel Ambroos' artworks in Arnhem city centre. The works are part of a series of artworks in public spaces, for which Gemeente Arnhem partnered with the BEAR Fine Art bachelor's programme.

The opening will take place at the sculpture on Velperpoortslangstraat, with opening remarks by Cathelijne Bouwkamp, followed by a short walk to Weerdjesstraat to see the second sculpture. Afterwards, drinks will take place at the ArtEZ Alumni HUB at the Varkensstraat 4, Arnhem. This will last until 19:30 at the latest.

Open call

Following the call by then-16-year-old Merlijn Schrijvers in 2020 to brighten up Arnhem, several artists have made proposals for this. These were temporary artworks that respond to the city, its residents and its connection to the city's greenery. In collaboration with ArtEZ Business Centre, an open call was issued to which alumni of the BEAR Fine Art and Design Art Technology courses could send their ideas. From several proposals, artists Emiel Ambroos and Melanie Maria were selected.

Melanie Maria

Earlier this year, artist Melanie Maria's artworks were unveiled. Melanie came up with the concept 'The City is the Cinema'. On raised cinema benches surrounded by greenery, you can sit and observe the city, or is the city observing you? When the benches are not in use the greenery takes over the cinema seats (the city). The benches can be seen at three different spots in the city, including Bovenbeekstraat, Wezenstraat and near Focus Filmtheater.


The temporary artworks can be seen in the centre of Arnhem for the next two years.