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February 17, 2022

SPOTTED: Alumnus Jippe Liefbroer in short film The World's Largest Rocket Builder

ArtEZ alumnus Jippe Liefbroer (Design Art Technology) can be seen in the short film The World's Greatest Rocket Builder. Jippe talks about his finals work Kimmi's Worst Nightmare.

Kimmi’s Worst Nightmare

Jippe Liefbroer built a huge rocket for his graduation: Kimmi's Worst Nightmare. A 31 meter long rocket. One meter longer than Kim Jong-un's.

Short film Docwerk

Art Dept, Docwerk's TV program on NPO 2 Extra, made a short film about it: The World's Largest Rocket Builder. The film was made in the context of the Docwerk learning-work trajectory and is broadcasted under the Art Dept program. The film can already be viewed on NPOstart and will be broadcast on NPO 2 Extra on March 15 at 8:04 PM.

Design Art Technology

Jippe followed the bachelor Design Art Technology; a course that clearly shows that design, art and technology can reinforce, complement and challenge each other.


Art Dept. is Docwerk's TV program on NPO 2 Extra. Short films about talented artists, made by the young talents of Docwerk in collaboration with the NTR.