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Latin Percussion


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Specific admission criteria for Latin Percussion

In addition to the general admission criteria, there are also specific admission criteria for each instrument. You will prepare five pieces which differ somewhat in character and pace. These pieces can be in the style(s) of your choice, so you can play any form of jazz, latin or pop music, or a mix of these styles. During the audition, you will perform a maximum of three of the five prepared pieces. You are preferably accompanied by your own band or, if that is impossible, by students of the Academy of Music.

Important aspects that may be included in the audition and will also be taken into account during the evaluation phase:

  • A command of the basic techniques for playing congas, bongos and timbales;
  • An ability to recognise clave patterns and to play by ear in a rhythmic, polyphonic context;
  • An ability to play African and Cuban rhythms by ear;
  • An ability to improvise on a given groove.

Major lecturer

André  GroenAndré  Groen

André Groen