During the DanceLAB you will receive specific dance training designed to hone your dancing skills. 

The DanceLAB challenges you to develop your creativity. Interaction with your fellow students plays a significant role in this. Together you will be doing a lot of experimenting. The programme will be concluded with a series of performances in a dance theatre.

The special DanceLAB coaching programme follows and encourages your ambition. The programme is based on the Dance in Education bachelor's degree curriculum and geared to the four professional roles of the dance teacher.

There are four modules, each with its own specific content and focus:

Module 1: Training

You are challenged by the various dance programmes to work on your technical dancing skills, suppleness and fitness. The classes will provide you with improvisation, acting and composition tools to help you make choreographies.

Module 2: Experience

You will acquire knowledge and experience: how do I train my dance body during training classes and what do I need as a choreographer? By choreographing and presenting the dance, you will learn to deal with theatre facilities and the laws of theatre. You will acquaint yourself with the professional roles, and discover what fascinates you.

Module 3: Research

This period centres on reflection on your personal development in relation to the goals that you set together with your coach, teaching you to communicate what you consider important, to plan and to coordinate.

Module 4: Presentation

During the ArtEZ open day in November and the Dance in Education Mini Dance Festival (MDF) in December, you will present the dancing skills you have acquired to an audience. We will conclude the 'DanceLAB' period with a presentation of students' own choreographies in April. At the end of the final module, you can audition for the Dance in Education bachelor's degree course. 

Extra dancing classes: PerformanceLAB and open training

If you opt for the introduction programme, you have the option of taking extra dancing classes free of charge. You can take part in the PerformanceLAB on Friday evenings from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. On Wednesday evenings you can join the open training sessions of the Dance in Education students from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m.