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Practical information

Practical information


  • Admission is granted on the basis of an intake interview.
  • If you want to follow all the main programmes, your admission process will include an audition (you can find the admission criteria in the description for each respective Bachelor’s course).
  • If you wish to follow theory classes, you must first take a theory test (unless you already have a Academy of Music degree).
  • Admission to theory classes will only be possible if there is space available in the current theory classes. No separate classes will be scheduled for contract education.
  • As a contract student you will participate in the regular curriculum. This means you will also do a progression audition and take any other associated examinations.


Contract education is not subsidised. This is why the fees are based on the cost price. Below are the basic amounts per class of 50/60 minutes (depending on the class size). In cases of inconsistent class durations the rate is calculatedly proportionately. Payment is possible per semester or in instalments. VAT is not applicable.

Rates for 2019-2020

Bachelor’s classes

Per class

(15 classes)

Year (30 classes)

Minutes per class


€ 75

€ 975

€ 1,875


Small group (2-8)

€ 25

€ 275

€    525

50 or 60

Large group (> 8)

€ 20

€ 200

€    350

50 or 60

 Brass band conducting



€ 2,400

all brass band lessons

Special offer

Class admission

€ 150 

per term (course component per semester)


€ 275

per term (course component per semester)

Theory exam

€ 150

(without prior contract classes)

Final exam in educational theory

€ 650



You can register online throughout the entire year. Go to ArtEZ Osiris.


The ArtEZ programme terms and conditions are applicable to contract education (programmes) and preparatory programmes offered by ArtEZ.